About Us

Tenant Patrol, a division of Orange Tree Employment Screening LLC, is a specialist in the field of tenant screening and background investigation services.  We are focused on assisting real estate owners, agents, and property managers make informed leasing decisions and serve our clients best through our exceptional support system and customized reporting.  We strive to be your trusted partner and will only be successful upon your success in finding the right tenant.

Tenant Patrol was established in 2006 in Johnston, Rhode Island to serve the demands of lessors striving to find quality tenants who are going to pay their rent on time each month, protect the property, and stay there longer. Today, our operations serve clients around the country, where we provide complete tenant screening services, as well as other investigative services, including, but not limited to:

  • Credit Reports and Credit Risk Evaluations,
  • Criminal and Civil Searches,
  • Terrorist Watch Lists,
  • Sexual Offender Lists,
  • Eviction History,
  • Verifications of Previous Addresses, Employment History, and Previous Landlord History.

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Our nationwide coverage is handled through contracted consultants who provide assistance in obtaining background information from over 15,000 courts across the United States.  Through our extensive investigative and business experience, including over twenty years in the law enforcement industry, we can provide you with the most accurate, timely, and cost-effective solutions, all with unmatched professionalism and service.  Our turnaround times are between 24 and 72 hours, making us one of the most reliable agencies in the industry. We quickly provide you with the information you need and the accuracy you deserve.

Christine Cunneen sets the company’s vision and strategy, while overseeing the operations, finances, and business development functions of the business.  She has nearly two decades of experience as an accountant, consultant, and small business owner.  Christine’s success is evident through our clients’ success, as demonstrated in our high retention rate.  Ms. Cunneen is a frequent guest speaker at business, human resource, and background screening association events throughout the U.S., educating professionals about background screening topics, and is often quoted for her expertise in the news media.

Thomas Tomlinson oversees account managers and supervises all work processes including accuracy, quality, and timeliness of reports. He also addresses staffing needs with regard to spikes in volume or rush orders. Tom oversees automated services, performs online investigations, and manages the courthouse researchers. Tom is also responsible for customer satisfaction and quality control. As a former law enforcement officer and private investigator, Tom has extensive knowledge in the areas of criminal research and investigations, as well as experience as a business owner and manager.

Tenant Patrol’s exceptional staff is available to speak with you directly Monday through Friday during normal business hours.  You can also contact us after hours and on weekends by sending an email to contact@TenantPatrol.com.