Tenant Screening – Description of Services

Customized Tenant Scorecards
The scorecard is a credit risk evaluation, pre-set to customized parameters. You have the ability to create pass/fail or “conditional” criteria for your potential tenants. The Credit Risk Evaluation is used to create a Tenant Scorecard for each of your prospective tenants that will allow you to easily see whether the tenant is acceptable, based upon your preset criteria. This process uses information obtained from credit reports and the world’s largest database of tenant-landlord records, along with collection information from thousands of courthouses across the county. Tenant Scorecards are a viable alternative to standard credit reports, with more source information and user-friendly results. And, you set the criteria however you wish.

Need to make a change? That’s easy, too. You can have different sets of criteria to reflect different demographics for multiple property locations. Tenant Scorecards give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Statewide Evictions Data Report
Tenant Patrol has access to millions of landlord-tenant eviction filings and unlawful detainers covering jurisdictions in forty-seven states. This report will alert you to reported evictions, damage claims, or rent skips. Don’t let your potential tenant’s past behaviors become your bad luck.

Address & SSN Trace
This screening tool is used to ascertain if he social security number provided matches the applicant’s information and may include the year and state of issuance. This search may reveal other names used by the applicant and provides a history of the applicant’s addresses. Information from the Address & SSN Trace is used to identify jurisdictions and alias names to be searched. The Death Master Index is cross-referenced.


  • Employment Verification
    Verification includes applicant’s position, length of employment, and salary information. Reference questions can be customized to your company’s specifications. Our verification specialists have continuous follow-up procedures to expedite your verification.

Criminal Searches

While there is no full-proof background search, with our extensive law enforcement expertise, we can help you determine the background search that is best for you. Searches can include:

  • Nationwide Criminal Database Search
    Tenant Patrol has access to a data file of over 500 million offender records with information from over 2,000 datasets. It contains misdemeanor and felony records from numerous sources including state Departments of Corrections and Administrative Offices of the Courts. Records are updated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, based on the sources. This search can uncover offenses committed outside of the applicant’s counties of residence. A nationwide search is not recommended as the primary criminal search due to limitations of the data. If negative information is found, Hire Image will verify the record at the primary source before reporting. This is a great screening product to complement the county-level searches to broaden the scope of your criminal background check.
  • Criminal Records Searches of International, Federal, State, and County Courthouses
    Tenant Patrol offers a variety of search options, depending on your needs. We’ll help you select what you need based on your requirements. With courthouse researchers throughout the world, we can provide you with the best records search available.

Other Services
If you are interested in a tenant screening service that you do not see here, please call Tenant Patrol at 1-877-490-2202.

For pre-employment screening services, please contact Hire Image LLC at 888-433-0090.