Shaker Heights Landlords Tenant Screening Program

Welcome Shaker Landlords!

Tenant Patrol is pleased to offer tenant screening services to Shaker Heights landlords.  To join Tenant Patrol’s Shaker Heights Landlord Tenant Screening Program, click on the Sign-up Now button in the upper right corner, and follow the directions to easily sign up for our online service.  Make sure to enter Promo Code “SHAKER” when you sign up, to take advantage of our specially priced services for Shaker Heights landlords.  

Shortly after you sign up, we will email you with your log-in information and forms for your potential tenant(s). After your potential tenant has an authorization, you can log into our easy-to-use online tenant screening program and order a tenant screening.  We will set up your online account so you can easily select the Shaker Tenant Screening package, or order services a la carte.  You’ll enter your potential tenant’s information, and submit your order.  In many cases, your report will be ready almost instantly. You’ll receive an email letting you know it’s ready, and you can log in and view or print the report.  It’s as simple as that!

Payment is accepted by credit card. We will contact you for your credit card information after you sign up.  For businesses, invoicing can be arranged.  If you need assistance, please contact us toll free at 877-490-2202 or email

Description of Services & Prices

Tenant Patrol is pleased to offer Shaker Heights landlords the following tenant screening services.

Shaker Tenant Screening Package $25

The Shaker Package is our most popular screening tool for Shaker Heights Landlords. This package includes:

  • Tenant Scorecard, or Credit Report (businesses only);
  • Nationwide Criminal Database and Sex Offender Registry Search;
  • Statewide Evictions Report

Looking for something different? The following services are available a la carte, or may be added to a custom Tenant Screening Package.  Tenant Patrol can design a Tenant Screening Package to suit your needs!

Tenant Scorecard $15
Tenant Scorecards are a viable alternative to standard credit reports, with more source information and user-friendly results. The scorecard is a credit risk evaluation, with pre-set standard parameters.  The Tenant Scorecard uses information obtained from credit reports, and provides you with information such as credit score, number of  delinquent accounts, number of collections/charge-offs, and easy to read pass/fail or “conditional” results on your potential tenants. The Tenant Scorecard helps you easily determine whether the tenant is acceptable. Accurate, automated and objective scoring recommendations reduce exposure to fair housing discrimination.

Tenant Credit Report $15
Credit reports provided through TransUnion show a profile of the applicant’s credit history including credit score, charge-offs, collection accounts, public records, trade lines, bankruptcies, judgments, garnishments and monthly payment history. Report may also show employment and address history. Credit reports are available only to businesses, and require a special registration process. A site inspection of your business must be conducted prior to ordering credit reports. There is a $125 fee for the business site inspection, which is performed by a third party and can be usually be arranged within 2-3 days.

Statewide Evictions Data Report $9
Tenant Patrol has access to millions of landlord-tenant eviction filings and unlawful detainers covering jurisdictions in most states, including Ohio. The report will alert you to reported evictions, damage claims, or rent skips. Don’t let your potential tenant’s past practice become your bad luck.

Address & SSN Trace $5
Verifies the social security number provided matches the applicant’s information and can reveal other names used by the applicant, in addition to addresses over the past 7-10 years. This information can be used to expand an applicant’s criminal history search.


  • Employment Verification $10* Each
    Verification includes applicant’s position, length of employment and salary information where available. Our verification specialists have continuous follow-up procedures to expedite your verification.
    NOTE:  Additional access fees may apply if the employer utilizes a third party clearinghouse for employment record information.
  • Landlord History Report $10* Each
    Previous landlord or property manager is contacted to gather rental history information on your applicant. Report can include record of payment history, legal actions, complaints, apartment condition and more. Our verification specialists have continuous follow-up procedures to expedite your report.
  • Bank Account Verification $10* Each
    Our verification specialists will verify your applicant’s stated bank information. Banks may require a special signed authorization.
    NOTE: Not all banks will release information.

Criminal Searches

  • Nationwide Criminal Database Search $10
    Tenant Patrol has access to a data file of over 450 million offender records, including felony conviction information, state department of corrections records, and some misdemeanor information. Most state’s records are updated on a monthly basis. The file also contains over 8 million alias names and nearly 68 million offenses. A nationwide search is not recommended as the primary criminal search due to limitations of the data. The Nationwide Criminal Database also includes the 50-state sex offender registry.
    NOTE: If derogatory information is found, Tenant Patrol must verify the accuracy of the record at the county-level court. Additional charges may apply for this service.
  • Criminal Records Searches of County or Federal Courthouse $12*
    Tenant Patrol offers a variety of search options, depending on your needs. With courthouse researchers throughout the U.S, we can provide you with the best records search available. Call us if you wish to add additional criminal records searches to your tenant screening package.
  • Sex Offender Records $5
    Utilizing a database of sex offender registries in all fifty states, negative results are returned instantly. Positive hits are reviewed by Tenant Patrol researchers to verify accuracy.
    NOTE:  This search can be ordered separately, but it is also included in the Nationwide Criminal Database, which is part of the Shaker Tenant Screening Package.
  • Terrorist Watch Lists $5
    Your applicant’s name will be matched against various databases which include the Office of Foreign Asset Control’s denied persons list, terrorist lists, wanted foreign nationals and more.

*Additional access fees may apply.

To join Tenant Patrol’s Shaker Heights Landlord tenant screening program, click on the Sign-up Now button in the upper right corner, and follow the directions to easily sign up for our online service.  Make sure to enter Promo Code “SHAKER” when you sign up, to take advantage of our specially priced services for Shaker Heights landlords.  

Other Services
If you are interested in a tenant screening service that you do not see here, please see our Description of Services page or contact Tenant Patrol at 1-877-490-2202 or email us.